Book Cover: Voices of Wisdom by Elizabeth Ruth Heuer
Author of “Voices of Wisdom: A Story of Homelessness & Hope” and more.

This website will close on May 31st, 2019

Dear friends and visitors, this website and blog will be closed on June 1st, 2019, and the content will no longer accessible online.

If you’d like to have a copy of the blog posts Beth wrote and published, they have been assembled as a downloadable PDF, available at this link. The PDF will be available for download through May 31st.

Why this mission?

I believe that the heart is the center of our life-giving energy. Through our heart, we feel an overwhelming compassion for others, become a channel for healing grace and love, and are part of an electric current that connects us to all life. Through modeling peace and joy, my personal mission is to love and serve others, serving as a tool in potential healing and transformation.

Aunt Roz was my second Mom and role model for a caring and loving person. After losing my own mother shortly after my birth, she and my uncle raised me for four years and then intermittently after that. On the last day I spent with her, she asked me to rub lotion on her face, arms and hands. As I did, my days with her and my uncle flooded back to me in waves. I remember helping her plant flowers, pulling weeds among the flagstones to earn twenty-five cents, and eating mayonnaise sandwiches. I remember being comforted in ways that showed she loved me, sitting in her lap while she read me books, hearing how much she loved my crayon drawings. As I rubbed the lotion over her skin, I felt her many wrinkles. Instead of making her look old, they were symbols of her life’s experiences, each one detailed between the lines of her face. She brought a strength and love for life into each of her relationships. Through her actions, Aunt Roz taught me that each of us can be the miracle that touches another’s soul.

In my own personal healing and transformational process, I learned that each of us has unique gifts, or “music,” to share with others in the dance of life. My gifts include developing relationships, writing, empathy, and developing structures or processes to accomplish goals.

How do I accomplish it?

  • Develop relationships that contribute toward community and service.
  • Write books that encourage others to find their “special music” and passion.
  • Connect with individuals one-on-one to inspire them to experience personal peace and a joy-filled life.
  • Experience solitude as a way to replenish my personal energy.